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Established in 2006, TPI Megaline immediately secured a long term contract with DSME to transport prefabricated ship modules from China to South Korea. TPI has also safely finished several spot shipments which are a great addition to the already diverse experience of our company. TPI Megaline is also secured a long-term contract for the Gorgon Project, the largest LNG project in the world. From March 2012, TPI Megaline has a 100% utilization rate and will continue until 2014.

Started 26 month transportation service with Chevron Australia as one of sea transportation contractors after successfully qualifying the most rigorous Environment and Quarantine requirements



Finished building its 5th vessel, Mega Caravan Ⅱ(17,644 DWT), for the Gorgon Project transportation in Australia

For the Gorgon Project transportation TPI built its 4th vessel, Mega CaravanⅠ(17,727 DWT)



Enabled the transportation of oversized offshore plant structures by launching its 3rd vessel,
Mega Passion (53,000 DWT), the largest semi-submersible in Asia.

Secured the contract of the Gorgon Project of Chevron Australia as one of sea transportation contractors, named as “
Modularized Units Sea Transportation”

Launched our 2nd vessel, Mega Innovation (18,396 DWT) for transporting RTGC, RMGC, and pre-assembly shipbuilding blocks
Established and started heavy weight marine transportation service with DSME using the vessel of Mega Trust
(19,118 DWT)