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Our company’s identity starts with TPI which stands for Trust, Passion & Integration. With 5 world-class vessels, we provide heavy weight marine transportation & installation services to long-term construction projects & spot shipments around the world. Our upmost priority, whether onshore or offshore, has always been safety & quality, in respect to the environment surrounding us. For this to be effectively implemented, TPI Megaline understands the importance of a strong engineering foundation through international standards and procedures, which provides the necessary groundwork to securely transport our client’s valuable cargoes. Trust, Passion & Integration is the backbone of our company of which incorporates the spirit deep into our devoted employees. This is why our key crew members are part of the TPI Megaline family along with our in-house crew management.


We trust in ourselves and from this belief, we can proudly assert that we have a 100% utilization rate for 2012 and the foreseeable future. We have also gained the trust of our clients where our relationships are mutually beneficial and as a service provider we ensure that our client’s goals are met and are satisfied with our services. TPI Megaline intends to improve on these services to become the most reliable transportation company.


‘Anything is possible’ is the kind of passion we integrate in our work. TPI is a young company. TPI employees are even younger. Team TPI draws strength from the vibrant & diverse backgrounds of our employees and fresh ideas are conclusions of such passion for this industry, from a young group of individuals. Team TPI will always use this passion to fuel our devotion to meet our client’s goals & needs


Worldwide integration is an important aspect of TPI Megaline. Just as we provide services to our clients, Team TPI also works with subcontractors around the world such as the Nederlands, China, Japan, Indonesia, and so on, who facilitate in reaching our goals. Our clients are all based overseas and we are proud that our company has the ability to communicate and integrate their teams with ours. The cooperation between two parties will only result in good consequences.