For every project there are priority issues that are of concern and its our business to do ensure that excellent results for derived from prioritization. Especially, we place emphasis on Health, Environment, Safety, Security and Quality.

For the successful implementation of the Gorgon Project, the top priority issues were unprecedented Quarantine requirements for the environment.

Barrow Island is a special place. It is home to at least 22 unique terrestrial species only found on this island. TPI Megaline respects this class A nature reserve which represents the highest level of protection under the Western Australia (WA) State Legislation. But Chevron has enforced even higher Environment and Quarantine requirements to ensure and show the world that energy projects and environment protection can go hand-in-hand. TPI Megaline is a part of that representation and we are proud to have achieved high success regarding preparation for the project. We have devoted our efforts to ensure that not a single insect is allowed onboard our vessel. While many companies have looked at these standards as a barrier to entry, TPI tackled this challenge to participate in the world’s largest LNG project. TPI has fulfilled these requirements with Acclamation. And we are confident we can successfully Complete any future projects.

TPI Megaline has received commendation for Quarantine, Environment & Emergency Management. This result derived from our devotion in ensuring succession for priority issues of our clients.

TPI MEGALINE implements “Top Priority Issues”, which are Health, Environment, Safety, Security, and Quality Policy in a bid to grow as a leading Heavy weight marine transportation company that is respected globally.

We aim to provide our customers satisfaction and success, investors with profits and employees with pride. Top Priority Issues provides the underlying management philosophy, while basic behavioral guidelines provide the best possible customer service, secure the safety of vessels and personnel, and promote the practice of eco-friendly management.

For an efficient practice of Health, Environment, Safety, Security and Quality Policy, each team and division has developed their own separate goals, strategies and action plans. While all employees remain faithful to their responsibilities and duties, the CEO is responsible for efficiently delegating the responsibility and authority required for the operation of the system to those in charge.

The TPI MEGALINE Management System is certified to ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001

TPI MEGALINE Health Safety Environment & Quality Policy

  • Safe navigation
  • Disaster/accident/environment pollution prevention
  • Compliance to all compulsory regulations and rules
  • Evaluation of all discerned risk factors pertaining to the ship, personnel and environment
  • Customer satisfaction centered management
  • Continual improvement and sustaining of the management system of TPIs
  • Continual sharing and improvement of the safety management technology relating to environment, safety and health.
  • Likewise, the directors and employees shall carry out their roles diligently to create profit for the company and to realize the management Policy.